Pure Therapy for Life

Pure Therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment. We use healing techniques to treat injuries and to give our clients balance through out all aspects of life. We offer colon hydr-therapy (colonics), light touch healing techniques and a powerful pain relief technique known as the Rossiter technique to get you relief from chronic pain.

Facilitated Pathways Intervention

What is FPI?

Facilitated Pathways Intervention  (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) is a gentle and effective physical modality that reduces pain and improves  mobility by reducing muscle tension and creating an integrated functioning of the nervous system and the body.

A 21st century solution to chronic pain, restricted mobility and other problems related to structural or neurosensory or neuromuscular dysfunctions, such as acid reflux, facial tics, and fibromyalgia.  Most therapies and rehabilitative work is directly on the joints, muscles and other soft tissues that are involved with the pain, however this is a gentle manual technique that works on a related area on the head, neck or collarbone that is innervated by the cranial nerves and reduces tension in the problem area by normalizing the function of related nerves that have been perpetuating the tension and/or pain.

Who is it helpful for?

Very helpful for conditions like car accidents, TMJ dysfunctions, head trauma (concussions), headaches, repetitive motion (RMD), chronic pain, stroke impairments, falls, spinal trauma, and allergies.

Who is it suitable for?

Is suitable for all age groups.

How long is a session?

A typical session is one hour.

Is it painful?

No, it is not typically painful but some pressure is applied. 

Will I be fully clothed?

Yes, it is performed fully clothed.

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