Pure Therapy for Life

Pure Therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment. We use healing techniques to treat injuries and to give our clients balance through out all aspects of life. We offer colon hydr-therapy (colonics), light touch healing techniques and a powerful pain relief technique known as the Rossiter technique to get you relief from chronic pain.


What is CranioSomatics?

CranioSomatics    (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) – Helps to restore proper functioning of the nervous system by encouraging normal and unrestricted movements of the skull bones and body.

‘Cranio’ refers to the head, and ‘Somatic’ refers to the muscles of the body.  CranioSomatics is a structural cranial approach to help create changes in the function of the muscles and allows the body into a more balanced and comfortable alignment.  By using the hands to gently improve ranges of motion of the bones of the skull and its very important attachments to your neck.  These benefits can be demonstrated by the use of muscle testing, therapy localization and challenge.  Benefits are long lasting and results in increased range of motion, reduction of pain and other symptoms.

Who is it beneficial for?

Beneficial for conditions such as car accidents, head trauma (concussions), allergies, headaches, muscle pain and joint range of motion.

Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for all age groups for pain relief and functional improvements.

How long it a session?

A typical session is one hour.

Will I be fully clothed?

Yes, the session performed fully clothed.

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