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Pure Therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment. We use healing techniques to treat injuries and to give our clients balance through out all aspects of life. We offer colon hydr-therapy (colonics), light touch healing techniques and a powerful pain relief technique known as the Rossiter technique to get you relief from chronic pain.

Meet Faith

Faith Lewis has been a Florida licensed massage therapist since 1996.  She attended Suncoast School of Massage Therapy with a specialization in sports massage.  Ms. Lewis graduated with honors.

Faith provides a customized therapy session utilizing her knowledge and experience to enhance the healing ability of the body.  She believes that everyone has their own journey to health with the support of like minded people to encourage growth physically, mentally and emotionally.


Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Colon hydrotherapy is referred as colonics, colon irrigation, and or high enemas.  All these terms describe using water for inner cleansing. Colonics are for clearing the colon of fecal material and restoring a natural rhythm to your digestive system.

Facilitated Pathways Intervention

Facilitated Pathways Intervention  (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) is a gentle and effective physical modality that reduces pain and improves  mobility by reducing muscle tension and creating an integrated functioning of the nervous system and the body.

A 21st century solution to chronic pain, restricted mobility and other problems related to structural or neurosensory or neuromuscular dysfunctions, such as acid reflux, facial tics, and fibromyalgia.  Most therapies and rehabilitative work is directly on the joints, muscles and other soft tissues that are involved with the pain, however this is a gentle manual technique that works on a related area on the head, neck or collarbone that is innervated by the cranial nerves and reduces tension in the problem area by normalizing the function of related nerves that have been perpetuating the tension and/or pain.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Your cells have fluid in them, they are surrounded and immersed in fluid which is called interstitial or intercellular fluid.  Some of this fluid is carried by your blood supply but the rest is picked up the lymphatic system.

Lymph is what you get after you injure an area of the body such as a cut on your hand.  Initially red blood will ooze out then the fluid becomes clear and colorless (this is lymph minus the red platelets) and eventually a scab will form.

Lymph is mostly water, lipids (fats), proteins, lymphocytes, enzymes, minerals, hormones, toxins, bacteria, and cellular debris etc.  It is present everywhere in the body, except where there is no blood vascularization such as the lens of the eye, epidermis (the skin) and cartilage found on the ends of bones, joints and the nose.

The lymphatic system is comprised of feather fine capillaries, collectors, lymph trunks/ducts, cisterna chyli and thoracic duct.  It is a secondary pathway back to the heart and transports fluid to the lymph nodes.  Lymph nodes have various functions:

  • They act as filtration and purification stations for the lymph circulation.
  • They capture and destroy toxins of the body.
  • They concentrate the lymph, reabsorbing about 40% of the liquids present in lymph.
  • They produce lymphocytes (your body’s own immune defense) and carries white blood cells to wherever they’re needed.

So accelerating the movement of lymph cleanses and detoxifies the body.  It allows the recapture of proteins that have leaked from the blood circulation.  One hundred grams can escape which is about 50% of protein circulation in the blood plasma and if NOT recovered by the lymphatic system, massive swelling and death could occur within 24 hours.

The Rossiter Technique 

Powerful two-person stretching technique for head to toe pain relief which targets the connective tissue, a head-to-toe network of fascia, ligaments, and tendons.  This network of thin saran wrap like material covers and envelopes your body.  In a healthy body it is not too loose or too tight but due to stress and trauma will shorten and tighten down causing pain, stiffness, and reducing the body’s ability to move easily.  By lengthening and loosening the network of connective tissue, this allows the tissues to become more pliable and flexible resulting in pain free movement.


CranioSomatics    (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) – Helps to restore proper functioning of the nervous system by encouraging normal and unrestricted movements of the skull bones and body.

‘Cranio’ refers to the head, and ‘Somatic’ refers to the muscles of the body.  CranioSomatics is a structural cranial approach to help create changes in the function of the muscles and allows the body into a more balanced and comfortable alignment.  By using the hands to gently improve ranges of motion of the bones of the skull and its very important attachments to your neck.  These benefits can be demonstrated by the use of muscle testing, therapy localization and challenge.  Benefits are long lasting and results in increased range of motion, reduction of pain and other symptoms.


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